Biggest Mistakes New Players Make with Mark Rosewater (Make a Wish!) I #279

Jul 25, 2019 - Episode 279

Biggest Mistakes New Players Make with Mark Rosewater (Make a Wish!) I #279

Today we’re talking about the biggest mistakes new players make, and with two very special guests: Mark Rosewater, whom you all know, and Evan, who came to us as a recipient of the Make a Wish foundation. We’re so honored to grant this wish for Evan and for him to help write up the outline for this episode and record together. Find out more about the foundations we talked about today by visiting these links below:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

Evan’s Ted Talk about his condition and his seizure dog (6 years ago):


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Indoor Skydiving:

The 48 Hour Film Festival:


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