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Your weekly source for all things Commander (aka EDH), a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering format, with hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai. Focused on all aspects of gameplay and strategy from table politics, budget builds, to deck building and more!

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    How to Power-up Your Decks l #217

    With the release of new cards/sets and shifts in the local meta, Commander players are constantly tuning-up their decks. But how can you tell if you’re improving a strategy or making it worse? On today’s episode we discuss how to power-up your decks.

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    M19 Set Review l #216

    The core sets are back! Josh is joined by substitute co-host DJ (Jumbo Commander on YouTube) to break down the new cards in M19 that we think will make a splash in Commander. From the return of Elder Dragons to all new planeswalkers, find out which cards you're gonna need for your next EDH night.

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    MTG Arena +M19 Preview Card w/ Ashlen Rose | #215

    We've got cosplayer and Game Knights alum Ashlen Rose as a guest on this episode to talk about our experiences so far with the new digital form of Magic: the MTG Arena Closed Beta. Plus, we're unveiling our M19 preview card! It's one of the the original Elder Dragons, Arcades, the Strategist. What does it do? Watch and find out!

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    Should ALL Planeswalkers Be Legal As Commanders? | The Command Zone #214

    It's debate time! This week we're bringing on special guest Alex Kessler (@kesswylie) from the Masters of Modern podcast to discuss one of the most controversial and contentious EDH topics: Should ALL planeswalkers be legal as Commanders?

    Watch the episode and then weigh-in afterward with your own opinion in the comments!

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